Can The Google Nexus 7 Revive Android Tablets?

The opening day keynote of Google I/O 2012 was a huge hit with the crowd, the geeks and the technologists. One of the major show stopper apart from the crazy skydive product launch of Google Goggles is the $200 Nexus 7. So did Google really get it right finally? Can it revive the Android tablet scenario?

Since the launch of the much criticized iPad in 2007 tablets have become an integral part of lives of many users lately. Every other major player tried to invest their resources in to capturing the tablet market but some companies were effected in a way that they eventually bit the dust. The much hyped HP TouchPad and RIM’s Playbook are the perfect examples. Some tablets like the Motorola Xoom could gain some traction but the age old problem of inconsistent UI/UX, lack of apps and no software updates put them in the coffin. The only three major brands who could steal the show apart form Apple’s iPad were Asus with their transformer range, Amazon with their Kindle fire and Samsung with their varied range of tablets. Even after hundreds of Android tablet brands trying to compete with iPad they are still not able to displace iPad from the top of the hill which still claims a mighty 65% share.

After the long wait and rumors Google finally launched their dream tablet, the Nexus 7. It has a 7″ screen powered by a quad-core processor and a 12-core GPU. It is also the first and only tablet running the latest version of Android OS the JellyBean. Google worked on every possible frontier to smoothen every nook and corner of their OS. The end result being a super smooth user experience with great UI. Well, the nexus 7 definitely is a feel good device with perfect weight, perfect portability and perfect battery life. And the best of all is the price. A $200 price tag is definitely the killer feature of them all. Asus, the manufacturing partner for Nexus 7 did admit that the tablet is being sold without any profit and they are betting on making money of the content people consumer using those tablets.

So did Google hit a major hit? And will this be the iPad killer that people are waiting for? I would say yes and a no. The Nexus 7 according to me is only the half of the problem that Google could solve. The other major problem still persists, Google still didn’t answer the trouble developers are facing in developing apps for various hardwares. Google still didn’t answer the lack of tablet specific apps on Android. It is proved that tablets are more of content consumptions devices and without content there is no point in owning a tablet. Amazon proved this as well with their brief success of Kindle Fire. With no good quality tablet apps and lack of content where will Google make money from? Is it a wrong move at the wrong time?

I personally feel that the Nexus 7 will see more than huge demand initially like the Kindle fire but will eventually fizzle out if Google does not do something to help developers build better apps or rather motivate developers to build more tablet apps. Moreover Google should have build a much better ecosystem before launching the device.

The Nexus 7 apart from its amazing offering is still on the brink of getting beaten. Imagine what would happen if Apple as rumored to do, launches a $249 or $300 7″ tablet. One needs to remember that iPad already has the best application support and the best developer support which truly makes the device magical. A simple move from apple can cannibalize low end tablet market space as well.

It’s still your move Google!



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