Bluetooth Tags – Gecko, Tile and Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

GeckoTileSmartphone are converging into a single essential device lately. With technology advancing at a great pace we can perform most our our daily routines such as checking emails, communicating with people, watching movies, listening to music and what not! This advancement is giving birth to a new branch of devices that make use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0, which has a very minimal and low power requirement. BLE is aiding production of fitness devices such as FitBit and Nike FuelBand, wearable devices like Sony Smart Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear and motion tracking devices such as Gecko and Tile. But how useful are these devices exactly?


Produced by an Indian company based out of Bangalore and currently in an attempt to crowd fund its way to production, Gecko, is an interesting product that measures just as large as a coin. The main theme of Gecko is to enable motion based controls to smartphones using a third party device. Gecko is tiny and helps users program the device to respond to four different gestures.

1. Turn Left

2. Turn Right

3. Shake Once

4. Shake Twice

gecko music

Each gesture can be programmed to follow tasks such as taking a photo on the phone, playing the music, changing the track playing, motion based alarms etc. You can even program the Gecko to give an alarm if the Gecko is not moved for a certain period, say put it in a pill box and let it remind you if the pill box is not moved for a certain period.

The team at Gecko are even opening up APIs that enable access to the device so that Gecko can be used to perform any task and easily be integrated into third part apps. That is a huge bliss for mobile app developers! You can own a Gecko for $20 right now over here.


Tile is an even interesting product trying to solve the basic problem that everyone of us face everyday, missing goods! There have been so many instances that we keep searching for our TV remote or car keys or our mobile phone and spend too much time searching for them. Tile is a small device that can be tagged on to any object, once you pick up your smartphone you can detect where exactly a tile is or even beep a small sound from your tile.

Tile on Handbag

Tile offers a bit more complex feature as well where you can detect your lost item anywhere in the world. It makes use of a community built from people using the tile app all over the world, if your tile is detected using any of the tile app anywhere in the world you will receive a notification with the location of your tile on your smartphone. Cool right? You can own a tile for $19 right now over here.

BLE seems to be a very underrated feature in the latest set of smartphones coming out lately. Sadly most of the development is happening around iPhone and iOS as hardly and Android devices out there support BLE yet. Even Tile and Gecko support iOS only as of now.