Brain Fuel: 1. A Platform For Events And Sponsors

brain fuel

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Brain Fuel – a series of posts that initiate a though process in your brain. I will be covering a few interesting ideas I generally get in my mind but never pursue them further. 

EventAngels: Imagine a platform that enables event organisers to create an event page covering all the event details and also requesting for event sponsorships. Each event will have different category of sponsorships that they are looking for and will mention the kind of benefits the sponsors will get in return. It is more like a kickstarter project page.

Each sponsor will have a profile page that will remain on the platform forever. A sponsor can set their preferences for events, say a sponsor only wishes to sponsor college festivals. A sponsor page will even contain a history of sponsorships that the sponsor provided till date. It is more like a angel investor page on

The platform helps sponsors gain the right attention needed for their brand and event organisers find the right sponsors for their events. The platform also tries to do some auto matching and updates sponsors with potential list of events they would like to check out and event organisers with a potential list of sponsors they can get in touch with.