Brain Fuel: 1. A Platform For Events And Sponsors

brain fuel

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Brain Fuel – a series of posts that initiate a though process in your brain. I will be covering a few interesting ideas I generally get in my mind but never pursue them further. 

EventAngels: Imagine a platform that enables event organisers to create an event page covering all the event details and also requesting for event sponsorships. Each event will have different category of sponsorships that they are looking for and will mention the kind of benefits the sponsors will get in return. It is more like a kickstarter project page.

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Screw it, I am diving in now!


You need a perfect moment for getting out of the comfort zone and start your entrepreneurial journey. All your fears of quitting a job that ensures a monthly pay, all your fears of answering your family and relatives about your crazy move and all your fears of spending sleepless nights ahead need just one “Screw it, I am diving in now” moment. And for me Startup Weekend provides that exact moment, not just once but multiple times each year. Being a veteran Startup Weekender (5 times in a year!) I built a huge network of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, CEOs, investors, CTOs, designers and what not and it feels great to interact with each one of them.

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Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Dream – Startup Weekend

India is a nation dominated by self employed people, let it be a farmer or a tech entrepreneur. Everyone has some crazy idea imparted into their mind at some point of time, but what sets winners apart from others is not their ideas but their willingness and courage to go ahead and implement their ideas. That one essential FIRST-STEP is needed! So, did you already decide to take that first step? Are you waiting to do any one of these?

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Idea evaluation
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs
  • Hunt for a co-founder
  • Hunt for a good team for your startup
  • Know about upcoming technologies
  • Presentation skills
  • Access to mentors
  • ………

If yes, all you have to do is sacrifice a weekend of your time for this unlimited list of advantages by taking part in Startup Weekend.

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54 Hours Of Crazy Startup Fun!

It’s all happening here, from designing customized jewelry to trading celebrities, from helping people drink better to helping people learn better. This is just a part of the craziness happening here at Startup Weekend Hyderabad (#swhyd). People spend 54 hrs without much sleep, hogging pizza, enjoying the awesomeness of ISB and of course working to the core. The value this one events adds is something people cannot avail anywhere. You meet around 100 entrepreneurs, all with great ideas, all equally charged to make things big and all willing to collaborate and share knowledge.

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The Modern Marketing Strategy

In today’s world traditional methods of mass media marketing does not work. Consumers lack the time and interest towards traditional TV or Newspaper ads. The only way to push your product is to be innovative and aim at the early adopters. The early adopters will play a remarkable role in pushing your product to the early and late majority.

-Gyaan by Seth Godin

The Disconnect Between Retails And Consumers

What is a shopper’s (consumer) worst nightmare? Most of you would probably accept with me if I say it’s the long queue at the billing counter. How much ever you love your time shopping and are as enthusiastic as a little kid who is being offered a candy to get something new for yourself, the long queues at the billing counter always dampens your shopping experience to an extent that some people would even quit shopping to avoid it!

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