Consumer Care Woes: 1. HTC in India [Update]

April 4th 2012, the time when I was blown away by a new gizmo once again. It was the launch day of the brand new One series from HTC in India which started off with the HTC One X and HTC One V. I was quite determined to get a HTC One X for myself and thus managed my funds by disposing off my Samsung Galaxy Note. I finally got my HTC One X from one of the best and budding e-commerce sites in india BuyThePrice. (Order No. BTP 358638). I loved the phone to the core but my pleasant journey was disrupted when I had to tackle with a major repair and had to rely on the HTC Customer Service.

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Media Station Setup For My Apple Devices

 I always fancied having least number of wires in my room, I being a gadget freak my room is always filled with wires connecting devices and chargers. I tried my best to have least number of wires with a simple solution. I hope this will be useful to other Apple geeks similar to me. It doesn’t cost much apart from the expensive Apple gadgets I already own.

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Windows 8 Will Spell Huge Success For Microsoft

You have to agree, Microsoft already has it’s fair share of success with the beta launch of Windows 8. People just love it! Accepted that there are some minor annoying features, especially the lack of the legendary “Start” menu but it’s all for good. People will eventually get used to it. Microsoft has done something amazing at last. It learnt a lot from the modern trend of mobile computing. Windows 8 seems to be a proper mix of desktop class computing with ease of mobile computing. But it doesn’t end there, I expect this success to spill over to mobile devices as well.

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Can The Google Nexus 7 Revive Android Tablets?

The opening day keynote of Google I/O 2012 was a huge hit with the crowd, the geeks and the technologists. One of the major show stopper apart from the crazy skydive product launch of Google Goggles is the $200 Nexus 7. So did Google really get it right finally? Can it revive the Android tablet scenario?

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