GMAT Prep Series: 2. The Best Resources Of The Lot

This is the second post of my GMAT series, this post aims at helping you out with the best resources to follow for GMAT. There are hundreds of books, blogs and forums out there and hundreds of suggestions you get. My little personal experience helped me to choose these resources for my preparation which might most probably be the best resources for most of you out there.

There are six different parts that you need to primarily concentrate on to prepare for GMAT. Each part will need different amount of time depending on your comfort and knowledge level. This post will list out how I shortlisted the resources for GMAT and what resources I am currently following for my GMAT. For any information regarding each section of GMAT kindly refer back to my first post of this GMAT series.

1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

AWA will need lots of practice and nothing else, for native english speakers it’s a fairly simple task. All you need is to follow the Official GMAT Guide edition 12 or edition 13 which has large number of examples. Each example has a sample answer with scores 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6. Go through a few arguments with the given answers and then start writing your own answers for remaining arguments. I will writing another blog post as to how I am preparing myself with AWA.

2. Integrated Reasoning (IR)

IR is still a point of confusion for most students. This section having been introduced only on June 4th 2012, students, blogs and coaching institutes are still unclear as to how exactly this section needs to be tackled. The only good resource I could find is GMAT Integrated reasoning and essay strategy guide by Manhattan Review. I have been to an information session of a leading business school recently, when enquired about IR they gave a comforting answer saying not to worry much about IR as it has been introduced recently. A decent score will do good.

3. Quants

This is a tricky section. Most Indians are quite well at quants and won’t require much training with basics. I tried solving most questions from Official Guide and I could score more than 90% of them correctly. Most wrong answers were from Data Sufficiency only. I decided not to waste much time on quants so I would suggest you guys to just read this document from GMAT Club which consolidates all the required formula and techniques. Then solve each and every problem from GMAT Official Guide. After solving the official guide I felt that I needed some refinement, there are some tricky situations that I needed to be aware of. For that I started solving Level 700 questions in Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency from GMAT Club. Trust me guys, this is the best resource you can rely on to gain more grip over quants.

4. Critical Reasoning (CR)

CR seemed to be quite simple in the beginning but it has loads of strategies to be followed to answer questions correctly. Without these strategies it is very difficult to answer level 700 questions consistently correct. I personally loved this book, Power Score Critical Reasoning Bible which is a must if you are giving GMAT. The only downside of this book being not enough practice questions. To cover up this deficiency I once again turned to GMAT Club CR section. They have a huge organized resource of CR question sorted by difficulty level. I personally followed this strategy. I started off with Level 500 questions then moved over to Level 600 questions and then moved over to Level 700 questions. There are several question types in CR and for each question type Power Score book has a dedicated chapter. I am reading the whole chapter from Power Score book first and then moving on to GMAT Club to solve questions from that particular question type.

5. Reading Comprehension (RC)

This is the most difficult section for me. It needs hell lot of dedication and time. I personally am reading editorials of daily newspapers like The Hindu and Times of India, started reading some fiction and non-fiction novels and some history, finance and health related articles online. This is to improve my concentration while reading and my reading ability as such. Apart from that there is no specific good book for RC as all books are somewhat similar. I personally am following Manhattan Review Reading Comprehension.

6. Sentence Correction (SC)

I must admit that my grammatical skills are quite poor. In fact worst! This is one area I need to struggle a lot with. I started building my grammar skills from the scratch by following Collins Cobuild Active Grammar and Collins Cobuild Intermediate English Grammar. After this, other essential books that I am reading are Aristotle SC Grail and Manhattan Review Sentence Correction. Once I am done reading the whole material I will start solving more questions from GMAT Club SC section again.

Hope this helps you guys.



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