GMAT Prep Series: 3. How I Am Preparing For GMAT In Three Months

 Scheduling your time properly is quite important for GMAT. You can spend as much time as possible or as little time as possible. You need to spend a week for analyzing where you stand before you start off with your preparation. I took a mock test right before I started off my preparation. I scored badly in verbal and I knew I had to spend lots of time on verbal. I got a 49/51 in quants though. Right then I decided to spend most of my preparation time on verbal only. This is how I am planning to prepare for my GMAT in three months.

First off all, why three months? Well there has to be a limit as to how much time I spend for my preparation. If I am given a chance then things can go on forever! This is my plan for the next three months (I already finished one month of preparation).

Month 1: I am planning to study Critical Reasoning (CR) in the first one month. I will be following the books mentioned in my earlier post. I am planning to spend around 1 day per chapter for few of them and 2 days per chapter for more important ones. As this is my first month of preparation I want to get a hold of my preparation before I stress myself too much

Month 2: This month is totally dedicated towards Reading Comprehension (RC) and quants for the first 20 days. I will be spending most of my preparation time for RC and around 2 hours a day for quants. I am planning to solve all level 700 questions from GMAT Club as mentioned in my previous post. I am pretty much confident that I can finish off RC and quants in around 20 days time. The next 10 days will be spent for Sentence Completion (SC). I am aiming at completing the fundamentals in this time period.

Month 3: This is going to be the most hectic month of my preparation. I will be spending around 20 days time to complete my preparation for SC, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR). Most of my preparation time will be spent for SC itself. Apart from that I am planning to spend around 1 to 2 hours of time for 5 days to go through AWA and around 1 to 2 hours a day on IR for the other 15 days. The last 10 days will be spent for mock tests and revision.

I am planning to start mock tests around 45 days before my exam, writing 2 tests per week for the first 35 days and then at least one test a day for the last 10 days. It is quite important to make sure that I can take the mental strain of spending 4 hours of intense mental strain! It has been quite a while since I concentrated to such level.



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