How An iPad Fits In Perfectly

Back in 2010 when the iPad was about to be launched there were rumours floating around about it. Some were expecting a large touch screen device with a full fledged OSX running on it and others were expecting a blown out iPhone. Well, it was none. It was an iPad, runs iOS, has its own set of customers, has its own set of usage and most importantly has its own base of apps with unparalleled usability. Pundits and gurus predicted not much usage factor for iPad and were quite skeptical about it, but as usual Apple proved the potential of iPad (not tablet!). It changed the game altogether.

Now, in 2012, we have hundreds of tablets from various manufacturers flooding into the market but let me tell you they are tablets and not iPad. Quite often people do ask my suggestion in deciding their purchase for a tablet and most importantly an alternative to iPad. I always try to educate them that there is simply no alternative. I believe that a tablet is no good with no supportive ecosystem. As far as I know the ecosystem built by Apple for iPad is way better and unbeatable. Be it a student or a Professor or a Software Engineer or an Entrepreneur or a Doctor, every one of them has their apps waiting to be explored. I will list out the ways in which I use an iPad in my day to day life. I bet you can’t find an alternative to iPad which can cater all these activities.

1. News

I start off my mornings by reading various Indian newspapers on my iPad, all reputed Indian newspapers have their presence on AppStore and mind you, they are not just any other dumb apps but quality, usable apps. All of them provide free newspapers everyday pushed on to your iPad. These are the apps I use.

The Economic Times (AppStore)

Deccan Chronicle (AppStore)

Hindustan Times (AppStore)

The Times of India (AppStore)

Then there are a whole set of apps by news channels which replicate the content available on their website, some news apps provide live steaming of their channels and push notifications as well for all news updates. Here are the news apps I use in  general.

IBN Live (AppStore)

NDTV (AppStore)

BBC News (AppStore)

 2. Personalised Magazines

With the launch of apps like Zite and Flipboard iPad proved to be even more useful for me. Zite especially is a great app. Customise the categories you are interested in and keep reading articles you like, it will eventually learn about your preferences and customise all the content available depending on your tastes. You will surprised to see the number of useful articles you get to read on Zite. You can literally spend hours on it!

Zite (AppStore)

Flipboard (AppStore)

3. Podcasts and iTunes U

This is undoubtedly one of the most underrated apps by Apple. The kind of information and learning provided by these podcasts is way too useful to be put to waste. I recently started exploring some podcasts after Apple launched its dedicated Podcast app. I have been keenly into management related stuff lately and am aspiring to make it into ISB soon as well. I happen to come across some really useful podcasts. These will be quite useful for any management student or anyone keep to learn about management. The podcasts I subscribed to are.

International Tourism Management.

Retail Vision

IBM and the Future of Retail

The HBR Channel (Harvard Business Review)

STVP Entrepreneurship Corner (Stanford eCorner)

HBR IdeaCast

GMAT Prep Now

iTunes U seems to be very useful as well, especially the all famous Stanford University’s iOS learning program.

4. Presentations and Document editing on the go

I have been travelling a lot lately and presenting my crazy ideas to various people lately. Even though I use a MacBook Air which is very portable I still feel that iPad is way better. I use an app called Prezi to create and store my presentation which has an iPad app as well. And apart from that I use Keynote to create some presentations. Other app I use a lot is Pages.

Prezi (AppStore)

Keynote (AppStore)

Pages (AppStore)

5. All other stuff

I made sure to cover the unique stuff that are more useful to me rather than in general. Most of the apps I covered above are unique to iPad only for now. Apart from this my typical usage consists of social networks like Twitter using TweetBot (AppStore) and Facebook (AppStore), drawing apps like SketchBook (AppStore) and Paper (AppStore), CraftStudio (AppStore) to make cards and order them as well in India!, photo editing apps like Snapseed (AppStore) and Pixlromatic (AppStore), document reader like GoodReader (AppStore), file sharing apps like Dropbox (AppStore) many games, music and videos.

There is simply no other better alternative to iPad for me when I consider my use case. And as I said in the beginning of this blog post, a tablet is good only when it has a supporting eco system and I bet you can’t find a better eco system. For anyone planning to purchase a tablet to use the default features and considering it to be purely an entertainment device with minimal usage then there are loads of better alternatives to iPad but if you are planning to get a device which makes sense and which is worthy enough to be carrier around apart from your typical smartphone and laptop then look no further, iPad is the best choice!



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