ISB Mock Interview Resources


Deadline for round 1 is up this year and every applicant is confident of making it to the interview round and so am I. It is well known that ISB is one place that gives importance to every aspect of the applicant to judge if the applicant is a right fit for the program. They essentially have three buckets to judge an applicant – academics, professional and personal activities and interview. Academics will comprise of the applicant’s academic scores right till the applicant joined in a job and the GMAT score as well. The professional and personal bucket will comprise of the applicant’s career life, career growth, career achievements, personal activities etc. The last bucket is the interview performance. Generally people who excel in the first two buckets get called for an interview so the next and final stage of the whole process is to impress in the interview round. Read on to find some really useful interview resources.

Being a re-applicant this year, I am lucky enough to have all important resources as I spent enough time pooling them up last year. Feel free to download the documents listed below that will help you better in preparing for ISB’s interview.

1. Kickoff Questions: Few questions to cover the basics. (Link)

2. ISB Previous Interview Experiences 1: One of the most valuable resource, a must read! (Link)

3. ISB Previous Interview Experiences 2: Part two of the above document. (Link)

4. ISB Previous Interview Experiences 3: Part three of the above document. (Link)

5. ISB Previous Interview Experience: One of the most unique interview experience. Download the web page. (Link)

6. One Word Essays: Each applicant has to write a 100 word essay on a given word before he gets to meet the interview panel on the day of interview. These are the set of one word essays that were given to applicants previously. (Link)

7. Case Studies: Many applicants were asked to solve a few guesstimate questions. A good way to help you out with guesstimates is by reading a few case studies. (Link)

8. Few Important Population Stats For India: Quite helpful for guesstimate questions. For most questions you need to start off with a sensible number to arrive at a final estimate. (Link)

9. Dump 1: A general dump of questions that are common for most business school interviews. (Link)

10. Dump 2: Another dump of questions. (Link)

11. The next step is the most important one. Go through you application throughly and make sure to read each and every point you have written. Try to find some loopholes and possible points of conflicts and also try to find what the interview panel might potentially ask from your application. Prepare a list of potential questions and start preparing your responses for those question.

General tips

1. When you are given a one word essays strictly adhere to the instructions. If you are asked to write an essay in 100 words then write it in 100 words and not 200 words!

2. Rehearse your responses, remember that the motto of a mock interview session is not to mug up responses but to help you speak in a good flow. Blabbering useless stuff or getting stuck while responding to the interviewer’s questions will leave a bad remark. You have to be confident with your responses.

3. Do not lie in the interview! The interview panel get to meet hundreds of people across multiple verticals and domains, it isn’t too difficult for them to catch a lie. Be ready to defend your negative points but not by lying!

I generally conduct a series of mock interviews in Hyderabad. Do feel free to join our meetup group so that we can schedule mock interview sessions. Last year I conducted a series of around 20 mock interview for ISB’s Round 2 applicants and we had around 25 participants overall, 4 of them finally made it into ISB.