Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Dream – Startup Weekend

India is a nation dominated by self employed people, let it be a farmer or a tech entrepreneur. Everyone has some crazy idea imparted into their mind at some point of time, but what sets winners apart from others is not their ideas but their willingness and courage to go ahead and implement their ideas. That one essential FIRST-STEP is needed! So, did you already decide to take that first step? Are you waiting to do any one of these?

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Idea evaluation
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs
  • Hunt for a co-founder
  • Hunt for a good team for your startup
  • Know about upcoming technologies
  • Presentation skills
  • Access to mentors
  • ………

If yes, all you have to do is sacrifice a weekend of your time for this unlimited list of advantages by taking part in Startup Weekend.

I started off my entrepreneurial journey with loads of confusion, loads of roadblocks and not knowing which direction I was heading to. That is when I explored Startup Weekend Bangalore in January 2012. I took part in this event and was a finalist who couldn’t win a prize but won loads of knowledge and confidence. That was the first time I got access to some really good mentors and entrepreneurs, one event literally accelerated and kick started my startup. I learned about how to give amazing presentations using Prezi which helped me a great deed later on, I realised that there are loads of mentors out there who are willing to spend quality time with startups, I realised that having access to a vibrant entrepreneur community is the best resource one can get and the list is simply endless.

Since then I took part in various other startup weekend events and was a finalist in all of them presenting Local Bills in Startup Weekend Bangalore, a part of team Ossum in Startup Weekend Mumbai which won 2nd, a part of team Happy Paisa at Startup Weekend Delhi Education, presented Pintute at Startup Weekend Hyderabad. The feedback I got from mentors and the time I spend with mentors in all the events was invaluable.

This time around I will volunteering to conduct the next Startup Weekend in Hyderabad which is on 16th – 18th November. This particular event is part of the global battle creating even more value to the event. Do push your crazy ideas out and make use of the opportunity.

Event page: Startup Weekend Hyderabad