Media Station Setup For My Apple Devices

 I always fancied having least number of wires in my room, I being a gadget freak my room is always filled with wires connecting devices and chargers. I tried my best to have least number of wires with a simple solution. I hope this will be useful to other Apple geeks similar to me. It doesn’t cost much apart from the expensive Apple gadgets I already own.

Let me start off by making a list of devices and cables I used in my setup

1. A 32″ LCD TV (Link)

2. Apple TV 3 (Link)

3. HDMI Cable (Link)

4. Logitech Z5500 (Link)

5. Optical audio cable (Link)

6. Apple iMac (Link)

7. Apple MacBook Pro (Link)

8. Apple iPhone 4S (Link)

9. Apple iPod Touch 3 (Link)

10. Apple MacBook Air (Link)

11. Linksys Cisco E4200 Wireless router (Link)

12. Seagate 1tb 2.5″ portable HDD (Link)

First requirement is to purchase a good wireless router. Considering the fact that I have quite a good number of devices sharing the same network I had to go for a good router. I shortlisted Asus Dark Knight N66-U and Cisco Linksys E4200. I chose to go with Linksys, the only reason being price and my old bond with Linksys routers. Both routers support simultaneous dual band wireless N networks and both routers have USB ports which can be used to set up shared network printer or a shared hard drive for various purpose. The Linksys router has only one USB port whereas Asus router has 2 USB ports.

My WiFi router interconnects all my Apple devices, I plugged in a Seagate portable external hard drive to my WiFi router which is used as a shared drive for all my macs and to backup some important content present on all my macs. Apart from that I have my Apple TV connected to the WiFi router.

To transmit Audio/Video/Photos from my Apple devices the best viable option was to take help of an Apple TV. It has optical port and HDMI port as well. So I could connect a set of Logitech Z5500 speakers to it and my 32″ LED TV. Through this small setup I can wirelessly stream any Audio/Video/Photos from all my Apple devices to my TV/Speakers. Apple TV definitely needs a wireless N router to seamlessly stream video. Do make a point that you select a full N router unlike semi-N routers.

Now I can wirelessly stream data, communicate between my macs and backup data with least number of wires possible. Do pen down your suggestions and comments guys.



4 Responses to Media Station Setup For My Apple Devices
  1. vedang

    tell me the best wireless speakers….

  2. vedang

    and for how much u got ur logitech??

  3. Raghu

    What is the budget allowance you are having? And do you want the whole system to be wireless or you want to wirelessly transmit to the speakers system? If you want each speaker to be wireless as well then it will be quite expensive.

    Also what are the devices you are planning to transmit the music from primarily?

  4. Raghu

    I got my Logitech Z5500 for 19K 2 years ago on ebay. I had a 10% off coupon that time 🙂

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