Importance Of Mock Test While Preparing For GMAT


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Collecting relevant material, studying all the collected material and practicing the questions is just one part of the GMAT experience. The other major part is writing the exam. GMAT is an exam that tests your patience level and mental strength, as people say, it’s a physcometric test rather than purely being a test of knowledge. The concepts tested in GMAT are quiet simple, and given ample amount of time post people can score close to 90% accuracy in the exam. But GMAT is lot more than that, its tests your ability to think deep for a period of 4 hours and under immense pressure to perform. This is where mock test come into play.

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Bluetooth Tags – Gecko, Tile and Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

GeckoTileSmartphone are converging into a single essential device lately. With technology advancing at a great pace we can perform most our our daily routines such as checking emails, communicating with people, watching movies, listening to music and what not! This advancement is giving birth to a new branch of devices that make use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0, which has a very minimal and low power requirement. BLE is aiding production of fitness devices such as FitBit and Nike FuelBand, wearable devices like Sony Smart Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear and motion tracking devices such as Gecko and Tile. But how useful are these devices exactly?

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My GMAT Study Plan


Is there a perfect plan to prepare for your GMAT? Well, definitely not! But I realised that planning your preparation is one of the most important part of the whole experience. GMAT is all about maintaining the correct rhythm before going into the exam and even a minor shift in the rhythm can spell disaster in the exam. After putting in lot of thought I prepared the right plan for my GMAT preparation and I would like to share it with everyone out there.

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Device Fragmentation Might Push Small App Developers Towards Extinction


With increasing number of devices comes increasing amount of fragmentation; different devices, different processors, different speeds, different GPUs, different screen size and what not! If the hardware trouble isn’t enough, developers have further trouble with different versions of OS on the devices. Flurry release a recent report which says that there are approximately 2130 mobile devices that use an app in the month of January alone! Imagine the plight of developers to make an app compatible with well, say at least most of the devices if not for all. Read on to know more about the scary truth behind app development for developers.

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Screw it, I am diving in now!


You need a perfect moment for getting out of the comfort zone and start your entrepreneurial journey. All your fears of quitting a job that ensures a monthly pay, all your fears of answering your family and relatives about your crazy move and all your fears of spending sleepless nights ahead need just one “Screw it, I am diving in now” moment. And for me Startup Weekend provides that exact moment, not just once but multiple times each year. Being a veteran Startup Weekender (5 times in a year!) I built a huge network of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, CEOs, investors, CTOs, designers and what not and it feels great to interact with each one of them.

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Startup Funerals – “Glorifying Failures”

On December 1st 2012 Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore witnessed the first edition of Startup Funerals, the first of its kind in India. Most startup events always share about success stories, but what about failures? We believe that most startups do face failures and some difficulty in the making but people are reluctant to talk about them, in fact Rovio produced 51 apps that failed before Angry Birds and how many of us know about it?. We at Startup Funerals want to glorify failures and help young entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs to learn from others failures.

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Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Dream – Startup Weekend

India is a nation dominated by self employed people, let it be a farmer or a tech entrepreneur. Everyone has some crazy idea imparted into their mind at some point of time, but what sets winners apart from others is not their ideas but their willingness and courage to go ahead and implement their ideas. That one essential FIRST-STEP is needed! So, did you already decide to take that first step? Are you waiting to do any one of these?

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Idea evaluation
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs
  • Hunt for a co-founder
  • Hunt for a good team for your startup
  • Know about upcoming technologies
  • Presentation skills
  • Access to mentors
  • ………

If yes, all you have to do is sacrifice a weekend of your time for this unlimited list of advantages by taking part in Startup Weekend.

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How An iPad Fits In Perfectly

Back in 2010 when the iPad was about to be launched there were rumours floating around about it. Some were expecting a large touch screen device with a full fledged OSX running on it and others were expecting a blown out iPhone. Well, it was none. It was an iPad, runs iOS, has its own set of customers, has its own set of usage and most importantly has its own base of apps with unparalleled usability. Pundits and gurus predicted not much usage factor for iPad and were quite skeptical about it, but as usual Apple proved the potential of iPad (not tablet!). It changed the game altogether.

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54 Hours Of Crazy Startup Fun!

It’s all happening here, from designing customized jewelry to trading celebrities, from helping people drink better to helping people learn better. This is just a part of the craziness happening here at Startup Weekend Hyderabad (#swhyd). People spend 54 hrs without much sleep, hogging pizza, enjoying the awesomeness of ISB and of course working to the core. The value this one events adds is something people cannot avail anywhere. You meet around 100 entrepreneurs, all with great ideas, all equally charged to make things big and all willing to collaborate and share knowledge.

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