The Jelly Bean Effect

June 27th 2012 is a historical date for Android. The launch of Jelly Bean (JB) sure is promising but there is another dark reason for this date to be historic. As spotted in a tweet “Today 90% of Android phones will be behind by not just one but by two generations of it’s OS!” which is in fact true and sad. As per the latest statistics only 7.1% of all Android devices are on the latest public release version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

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The Modern Marketing Strategy

In today’s world traditional methods of mass media marketing does not work. Consumers lack the time and interest towards traditional TV or Newspaper ads. The only way to push your product is to be innovative and aim at the early adopters. The early adopters will play a remarkable role in pushing your product to the early and late majority.

-Gyaan by Seth Godin

The Disconnect Between Retails And Consumers

What is a shopper’s (consumer) worst nightmare? Most of you would probably accept with me if I say it’s the long queue at the billing counter. How much ever you love your time shopping and are as enthusiastic as a little kid who is being offered a candy to get something new for yourself, the long queues at the billing counter always dampens your shopping experience to an extent that some people would even quit shopping to avoid it!

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Can The Google Nexus 7 Revive Android Tablets?

The opening day keynote of Google I/O 2012 was a huge hit with the crowd, the geeks and the technologists. One of the major show stopper apart from the crazy skydive product launch of Google Goggles is the $200 Nexus 7. So did Google really get it right finally? Can it revive the Android tablet scenario?

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