SLP Hyderabad – Class 3 – Product Day


The third session was all about Product Development. The CEO for the day, Ankur Gupta along with the Co-CEO Meraj has done a great work job to put together a well planned schedule for the day. It was a bit strenuous day with too many sessions planned for the day and an unplanned session extending things even further but at the end of the day there were too many useful takeaways imparting a good learning for the day. A special thanks to Ramesh Anumukonda for dropping by and sharing his life journey as an entrepreneur.

All the initial preparation an entrepreneur does goes down the drain if the execution isn’t right, as the startup guys say, it is 80% about how you do it and 20% what you are planning to do. So this product day is more about the 80% that really matters as having an idea is quite different and kind of just an intangible thing as compared to a product which is  more like a tangible part of the whole journey.

The day kicked off with a session from Paridhi Verma, UX Designer at Microsoft IDC. Her session clearly showcased her experience, we got some great insights into UX design, its importance and value in a product life cycle. The session covered various aspects of User Experience design of a product and we later had a hands-on session to put our learnings to a test. All the member in the class were divided into a groups of 5 each and were given a similar task of designing an app, web or mobile, to cater the Metro rail system of a certain city but each team had to design the app from a different perspective such as a new guy on town or a regular traveller etc. Each team had to follow a certain process and build a user persona, empathy map, brainstorm on the idea and then build a minimum viable wireframe of the product. At the end of the session each team’s work was reviewed by a person from other team and a list of pros and cons discussed, overall a great session to kick things off.

This was followed by a session by Warren Noronha, Product Manager at Chitika Labs. Warren is an incredible speaker and has a great deed of knowledge to share, his session started off with a brief on what Chitika does and then moved on to a bit on the culture followed in Chitika which is quite essential to their success and how they handled complex tasks. Warren gave his insights into how to plan and wrap things up with the ground work needed to build large products, he discussed about the kind of processes they follow to rapidly prototype and get the first version of the product out and how to cut down on time by exploring options that make things easy even if they cost a bit more. He ended his session with a great list of suggested tools that helps aspiring and current techies and reads that helps every aspiring entrepreneur.

The third speaker for the day was Arpit Mohan, a young but highly experienced CTO of Clink. He is a dynamic young entrepreneur who can go to any extent to get things done, that’s what I finally learned from his story that day. Arpit shared his story of being a part of a huge team a Ghar Pay to being a part of a very small and focused team at Clink. This was more of a technical session and concentrated more on the kind of responsibilities a CTO typically has in a startup. His story about how they went about pitching Clink to banks without even a product and then went ahead to build the whole product in a mere two months with a small team was very inspiring. This shows that the passion an entrepreneur has can take him to any extent to make things work and finally succeed no matter what!

We later had a panel discussion with 4 members from varied domains and varied experience. This was a free-to-interact session in which we bombarded questions and the panel was very humble to up with all our questions and give their opinion on all of our questions. The panel consisted of Gokul Singh – co-founder of Apna Complex, Yashwanth Narvaneni – co-foudner Fortuity Infotech, Aditya Gupta – co-founder Social Samosa, Chinmay Rajula – co-founder Clapone.

We later had a surprise visitor Ramesh Anumukonda, with the help of Yashwanth. Ramesh just wanted to drop by and interact with a enthusiastic bunch of entrepreneurs in this SLP batch at Hyderabad. He had a great story to talk about and was very patient to answer all the questions that we had.

Overall it was another great day planned by Ankur and Meraj. A big thanks to the team for putting up a well planned day with a good bunch of speakers and panelists.

Check out some craziness we came up with in the hands-on session.