Startup Funerals – “Glorifying Failures”

On December 1st 2012 Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore witnessed the first edition of Startup Funerals, the first of its kind in India. Most startup events always share about success stories, but what about failures? We believe that most startups do face failures and some difficulty in the making but people are reluctant to talk about them, in fact Rovio produced 51 apps that failed before Angry Birds and how many of us know about it?. We at Startup Funerals want to glorify failures and help young entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs to learn from others failures.

Yesterday, on December 6th 2012, the Hyderabad community was lucky enough to be a part of the first edition of Startup Funerals in Hyderabad. We had a outstanding 140+ registrations with 80+ attendees, which is the highest all over India. The event was kicked off by Mr. Sushanto Mitro (Director, Hyderabad Angels) followed by Mr. KC Ramakrishan (CEO, RKnowsys), Mr. Hiteshwar Vadlamudi (Vice President, Zytrix Labs) and Mr. Srinivas Chilukuri (MD, Flexeye IT Services). All the talks were energetic and loaded with valuable learnings, we thank all the speakers for their extended support to kick off the first version of an unproven event. The event would not have been a success without them!

Milind Joshi (Founder, Zenith Society) is the key initiator and the brain child of this event, he could convince various people around India to believe in his idea and help give back to the entrepreneur community with Startup Funerals. The second edition of Startup Funerals is being planned for January 18th 2013 across 8 cities in India. We would like to extend our services across all major cities and provide a platform for entrepreneurs of all kinds to kill their fear of failure! We believe that someone who is afraid to take their first step on the fear of failing has already failed! Learn from failures and lead the path to success!

If any of you guys want to conduct Startup Funerals in your city then feel free to drop in a mail at, any suggestions are welcomed as well!

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