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It’s back and it’s larger than ever! The Startup Weekend (SW) Hyderabad team presents you with the next SW event that is part of the Global Startup Battle (GSB). Be a part of GSB to compete against hundreds of Startup Weekend teams globally and win super exciting prizes.

The three day networking event witnesses the best minds in the startup ecosystem brain-storming for 54 hours and at the end of it walking out with a fully planned startup idea. Startup Weekend is a perfect platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to showcase, launch their ideas and compete on a global level. To further fuel the excitement, Amazon Development Centre India has agreed to be an amazing host and agreed to sponsor the venue.

A fun, intense, risk-free way to get a startup built!

With an expected crowd of 100 or so attendees with a mix of hustlers, hackers and designers, 60 odd ideas pitched and around 15 ideas are then voted as the best pitches. A team is formed around each idea with the person pitching the idea as their team leader, these teams struggle, hustle and work for a marathon 54 hours to finally pitch their startups to the judges on Sunday evening.

In the past 3 years, 500+ startups have started and 15,000+ entrepreneurs have been inspired by Startup Weekend. Teams have even started to generate revenue during the 54 hours event, and others have gone further ahead to raise funds from Business Angels or Venture Capitalists. None of these numbers take into account the networking, on-going professional relationships and amazing experience that takes place at every event. True to our motto, Startup Weekend is all about “Build Community. Start Companies. No Talk. All Action.”

Global Startup Battle

During the Global Startup Battle more than 250 cities host SW events across two weekends, the winning teams across all the cities compete globally through various tracks. The final winning teams in each track are awarded with amazing prizes that ensures great resources to build your startup.

More information about the various tracks and prizes to be won in each track can be found below

Champions Track

Education, Empowered Track

Do the KIND Thing Track

The Innovators Track

Startup Women Track

Practical Information

Event Date and Time: 05:00 PM 21st November 2014 – 08:00 PM 23rd November 2014

Event Venue: Amazon Development Center India (Google Maps Link)

Event Details: Startup Weekend Hyderabad Global Startup Battle




SWDESIGN – 40% discount for designers

STUDENT – 50% off for students, registration can be as a Hustler, Hacker, Designer or for Sunday night demos.

SWWOMEN – 50% off for women entrepreneurs, registration can be as a Hustler, Hacker, Designer or for Sunday night demos

Food: The registration includes all 7 meals across three days.


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