Google Pay – The Road Ahead in India

Indian banking system is quite unique in ways beyond one can expect. Though rated as a developing nation, the banking systems in India are quite intuitive and advanced, all thanks to having a majority of the population not equipped with skills needed to operate complex systems. Considering the large population that India has (2nd highest in the world but poised to be the most populated nation eventually), any product built aiming at Indian users mostly banks on high volumes and low margin strategy. UPI – unified payment interface, is yet another break through secure system implemented by NPCI that has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past 3 years.

Google has been the front runner in catering its users with one of the most intuitive apps that has been built on top of UPI systems to enables users for easy P2P transfers and later expanded to a foray of services. As with any growing trends, competitors soon caught up and now Google Pay is being challenged by PhonePe as well as Paytm for UPI payments. Though each one of them still has their own strong points let’s try to discuss the road ahead for Google Pay.

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Do’s and Don’ts on eBay to safeguard your sale transactions


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After 4 long years I had to rely on eBay once again to sell my phone as OLX or Quikr didn’t help me fetch the right price. Few of you might know that I was in a fix with an eBay transaction after selling an iPhone as even though I sold a perfectly working and as described iPhone the buyer raised a refund request stating that the iPhone I shipped was faulty. So after getting immensely useful help and insights shared from few friends I could successfully win the battle against the buyer and get my money after a month long wait. This blog post will be useful especially for high value transactions done on eBay.

Here is are a few points to note and that might help every seller on eBay and few points in common for buyer too! Read on.

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Xiaomi – It’s Not Just About A Smartphone, But An Ecosystem.


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More than a billion devices sold, more than 2000 OEMs in the race and more than 20 different screen sizes and lot more options in terms of Hardware, this is what the world’s leading Smartphone OS by number of devices, Android, can be consolidated into. These are just a few numbers that still speak very less about the rapid growth of Android OS over the past 8 years since it’s public launch in 2008. Just 3 years ago, in 2013, a naive user would have chucked the very though of having a well performing and usable android smartphone under $100 but today, in 2016, we have more than 50 options from various OEMs offering handsets that cost less than $100, run the OS smooth without any glitches and are reliable too! Gone are the days when people used to anticipate only for the FLAGSHIP devices from the best known brands, this is the era where people think twice before spending a bomb on an Android smartphone, especially with the likes of Lenovo, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and other manufacturers launching brilliant devices in $300 to $400 price bracket or even lesser.

So how does an OEM differentiate itself from the rest? Does all it take to create a brand shift for loyal users is a great device? I often hear how iOS users find it difficult to migrate to Android and vice versa but within the Android OS it was/is as simple as creating a new handset to beat the best existing handset. Here is where I feel Xiaomi plays a vital role in capturing the marke with IoT, smart devices, developer support, apps, awesome hardware and great customer support to create a great experience for an ecosystem of its own.

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Grofers – Has Potential, But A Long Way To Go!


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HyperLocal might be the new fad for a few domains but it’s not really for others. Just like people at Grofers does I too believe that a HyperLocal platform for groceries is quite useful. Irrespective of the huge numbers you hear about e-commerce boom, the billion dollar revenues raised, multi billion dollar valuation and what not, the offline sales still outperform online sales across most product categories in India due to various reasons such as accessibility to online platforms, better payment options, better customer support, love for in-person shopping, trust issues etc,. Things might eventually change but HyperLocal startups aiming to bring in an offline-online model effectively might run great for the next few years.

Coming back to the topic of discussion, I want to consolidate my experiences and pen down a few suggestions on how Grofers lacks at certain areas and tiny ideas on how they can be tackled better.

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Airtel – The Dumb*ss Smartphone Network

airtelFor people who really are in a hurry, here is what this article about. I am trying to vent out my frustration and anger against Airtel through this blog post so that some action will be taken soon, period!

My number has been ported from Idea to Airtel on 26th May 2015 at 11:00 PM and Airtel literally fuc*ed up the entire process! In short, I haven’t been receiving any incoming calls, no incoming SMS nor outgoing SMS since then. All I get is Airtel signals, outgoing calls and an active data connection, when someone calls my number it says that the number does not exist!!. Airtel has no bloody fuc*ing clue how it’s affecting my work and I really want to let people know how unwise it is to port to Airtel, so read on.

PS: Please please please share this article to ensure that some reliable and responsible Airtel employee sees this and resolves my issue.

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One Reason Compelling Enough To Never Shop on Paytm


Well well well, where do I begin? Do I begin my post talking about how I was astonished by the amazingly well made website with super good UX that turned me into Paytm’s loyal customer taking me away from Freecharge or jump right in to my four horrible experiences with Paytm that dragged me back to Freecharge for good? Read on! Read More…

SLP Hyderabad – Class 3 – Product Day


The third session was all about Product Development. The CEO for the day, Ankur Gupta along with the Co-CEO Meraj has done a great work job to put together a well planned schedule for the day. It was a bit strenuous day with too many sessions planned for the day and an unplanned session extending things even further but at the end of the day there were too many useful takeaways imparting a good learning for the day. A special thanks to Ramesh Anumukonda for dropping by and sharing his life journey as an entrepreneur.

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Brain Fuel: 4. Generic Gift Cards In India

brain fuel

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Enter wedding season and I always ponder over what gift I need to purchase for the gonna be couples. I feel that bouquets are one of the most useless and good for nothing gifts out there. So here comes a simple little idea, why not buy a gift card that can be used across many stores? A simple two level authentication to redeem the gift card – a scratch card kind of code and an SMS authentication that the gift card is associated to – will help people. People can club multiple gift cards and purchase what they really need to!

A simple website that sells generic gift cards where gift card owners have the freedom of opting to redeem the cards at an of the stores that the website is associated with. All the user needs to do is to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to get an authentication code using which he can redeem the gift card at the outlet. Or he can even add it up to his credit balance by logging on to the website and creating an account. Or he can even transfer the gift card money to someone else if needed 😉

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