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Brain Fuel: 3. A Cloud Based Enterprise Reminder App With Push Notifications

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India is a country with citizens who spend invaluable amounts on useless stuff but start acting stingy when it comes to spending on their mobile phone usage charges. I often see people even with smartphones digging for the right mobile plans for themselves depending on their usage and it is quite difficult to browse through multiple layers of multiple network operators sites to find the best plan, that’s quite a tedious task!

So why not build a simple site that consolidates all the available mobile plans available in a selected circle? The website should categorise plans as per factors such as high data usage, high STD calls usage, high SMS usage etc. There should also be an option to help the user select the best plan by asking a few basic details such as approximate number of call minutes used every month, number of SMS sent every month etc, depending on the data a list of best plans should be provided to the user.

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