eBay Fraud

Do’s and Don’ts on eBay to safeguard your sale transactions


Image Courtesy: makeuseof

After 4 long years I had to rely on eBay once again to sell my phone as OLX or Quikr didn’t help me fetch the right price. Few of you might know that I was in a fix with an eBay transaction after selling an iPhone as even though I sold a perfectly working and as described iPhone the buyer raised a refund request stating that the iPhone I shipped was faulty. So after getting immensely useful help and insights shared from few friends I could successfully win the battle against the buyer and get my money after a month long wait. This blog post will be useful especially for high value transactions done on eBay.

Here is are a few points to note and that might help every seller on eBay and few points in common for buyer too! Read on.

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