Grofers – Has Potential, But A Long Way To Go!


Background Image Source: MarketingLand

HyperLocal might be the new fad for a few domains but it’s not really for others. Just like people at Grofers does I too believe that a HyperLocal platform for groceries is quite useful. Irrespective of the huge numbers you hear about e-commerce boom, the billion dollar revenues raised, multi billion dollar valuation and what not, the offline sales still outperform online sales across most product categories in India due to various reasons such as accessibility to online platforms, better payment options, better customer support, love for in-person shopping, trust issues etc,. Things might eventually change but HyperLocal startups aiming to bring in an offline-online model effectively might run great for the next few years.

Coming back to the topic of discussion, I want to consolidate my experiences and pen down a few suggestions on how Grofers lacks at certain areas and tiny ideas on how they can be tackled better.

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