ISB Mock Interview Resources


Deadline for round 1 is up this year and every applicant is confident of making it to the interview round and so am I. It is well known that ISB is one place that gives importance to every aspect of the applicant to judge if the applicant is a right fit for the program. They essentially have three buckets to judge an applicant – academics, professional and personal activities and interview. Academics will comprise of the applicant’s academic scores right till the applicant joined in a job and the GMAT score as well. The professional and personal bucket will comprise of the applicant’s career life, career growth, career achievements, personal activities etc. The last bucket is the interview performance. Generally people who excel in the first two buckets get called for an interview so the next and final stage of the whole process is to impress in the interview round. Read on to find some really useful interview resources.

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Life After MBA – A Different Analysis


I have seen various analysis and arguments about doing an MBA and Return on Investment (ROI) for the same. Different people have different perspective on doing and MBA and not just that, different people have different opinion on doing an MBA in India or abroad. This article aims at showcasing a different perspective all together, how comfortable will life be post MBA assuming that the student opts for a loan to fund his MBA.

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