Brain Fuel: 4. Generic Gift Cards In India

brain fuel

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Enter wedding season and I always ponder over what gift I need to purchase for the gonna be couples. I feel that bouquets are one of the most useless and good for nothing gifts out there. So here comes a simple little idea, why not buy a gift card that can be used across many stores? A simple two level authentication to redeem the gift card – a scratch card kind of code and an SMS authentication that the gift card is associated to – will help people. People can club multiple gift cards and purchase what they really need to!

A simple website that sells generic gift cards where gift card owners have the freedom of opting to redeem the cards at an of the stores that the website is associated with. All the user needs to do is to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to get an authentication code using which he can redeem the gift card at the outlet. Or he can even add it up to his credit balance by logging on to the website and creating an account. Or he can even transfer the gift card money to someone else if needed 😉

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