The Disconnect Between Retails And Consumers

What is a shopper’s (consumer) worst nightmare? Most of you would probably accept with me if I say it’s the long queue at the billing counter. How much ever you love your time shopping and are as enthusiastic as a little kid who is being offered a candy to get something new for yourself, the long queues at the billing counter always dampens your shopping experience to an extent that some people would even quit shopping to avoid it!

Wincor Nixdorf’s recent article shows some real statistics as to why people rather prefer shopping online to shopping in retail stores. Surprisingly the major reason has been attributed to poor in-store shopping experience. This can be because of various reasons but one common point of acceptance was people hating to stand in long queues at the billing counter. Almost 21% of the surveyors answered that they would prefer a self-checkout which would enable faster service. And even more surprisingly most people said they prefer to shop in stores than online.

While this is one part of the story there is another problem consumers are being pestered with. The sales personnel who are meant to provide a better shopping experience to consumers are in fact turning out to be a pain themselves. The lack of motivation to help and the lack of motivation to update their knowledge about products does more damage than to help consumers. I personally would love to be left alone while shopping than seeing a sales person pestering me with his artificial “How can I help you sir?” smile.

So, are the current retail stores spelling their own doom? Are they themselves the prime reason to allow the boom on e-commerce? Is there any way we can apply technology and mobile solutions to solve this problem?

 We at our start-up (Occult IT Labs) are currently working on an effective solution. Shopium is the answer to your shopping woes. We won’t be revealing more specifics for now but you can get a sneak peak of what Shopium is about.

Shopium sneak peak.




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