Why iOS Is A Better Choice Of Platform For Developers.

Why do developers chose a particular platform? Is it the ease of building apps? Is the size of target audience? Is it the amount of revenue they can potentially generate from a platform? Well the answer is simple all of the above. I am writing down my view as to why iOS is still developers heaven when compared to other major competing platforms.

Let’s crunch some useful statistics first. Undoubtedly Android has a major lead over Apple when total volume of handset sales are considered. According to IDC’s latest report Android has an amazing 59% share of smartphone market throughout the world in 2012Q1 as compared to Apple which has a mere 23% which comes second behind Android. But do these numbers really mean a winning platform for developers? I guess not!

Apple’s iOS has an amazing repute of publishing quality apps along with quantity of apps which are stable and urge the users to spend more on apps. This success can be attributed to stable platform, stable developer tools, great apps and may be better spending potential of iOS device owners. Apple reportedly paid a total of $5 billion till date to all its developers which is humongous when compared to Android. Flurry’s latest report suggests that iOS developers take a major chunk of 69% of mobile app revenues. Flurry also claims that for every 10 new apps being built 7 are for iOS.

The other source of revenue is for web based from mobile ad platforms which will generate revenue from ads displays on mobile compatible websites and net apps. For this to happen users need to browse more from their mobile devices. Sadly the scene is no different for Android in this segment as well. Recent reports show that iOS claims a staggering 69% mobile web traffic and its main rival Android still lagging with a mere 20% mobile web traffic. Surely the 59% smartphone market share as opposed to Apple’s 23% share is proving to be of no use to developers yet.

This clearly shows why app developers still see iOS as a potential platform to build great apps and generate more revenue. Kindly note, this article represents my view only. There is every chance that I might be completely wrong about my view!



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