Windows 8 Will Spell Huge Success For Microsoft

You have to agree, Microsoft already has it’s fair share of success with the beta launch of Windows 8. People just love it! Accepted that there are some minor annoying features, especially the lack of the legendary “Start” menu but it’s all for good. People will eventually get used to it. Microsoft has done something amazing at last. It learnt a lot from the modern trend of mobile computing. Windows 8 seems to be a proper mix of desktop class computing with ease of mobile computing. But it doesn’t end there, I expect this success to spill over to mobile devices as well.

Many might argue that Windows 7 has not done particularly well on mobile devices but I would concur with them. Yes, it couldn’t capture a huge chunk of market but mind you, the users who adopted Windows 7 mobile are satisfied, in fact as satisfied as iPhone users. It is only a matter of time before Windows Mobile will attract more users. My top reasons to predict Windows 8 unparalleled success.

1. 90% of users still use Windows and most beta users of Windows 8 seem to already love it! It is already a hit!

2. People hate to learn new things, however intuitive iPad and Android tabs are people still will feel like home using a similar UI on a PC, Tablet and a Mobile Phone.

3. Windows 8 for Tablets is stable, has the app base and user acquaintance towards the platform. Microsoft could already pool up huge anticipation with it’s Surface Tablet.

4. Huge number of Windows 8 Tablet manufacturers will be launching Windows 8 Tablets at various price points to target audience of every segment.

5. As of now Windows 8 Tablet edition cannot be skinned by OEMs thus handing over control to Microsoft, the software updates will be as seamless as it is on iOS. This is the most troubling factor for Android.

6. Enterprises love tablets, in fact iPads, because Android tablets lack security. Windows 8 will be more secure and Enterprise ready.

7. Cash, Microsoft has loads of it and it has potential to go big on marketing.

Hope my opinion turns into reality and people are blessed with more usable tablet choices apart from iPad. I do love my iPad but I do love choices as well.



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